The EU-Data Governance Act


As we stand on the brink of 2024, one can't help but wonder what lies ahead. But one thing is a certainty...a year dominated by many compliance requirements is ahead, almost a "Year of Compliance", if you will. NISII, DORA are being installed and ESG-reporting looms on the horizon of 2025. Numerous enterprises will find themselves navigating through these demanding requirements.

The question remains, navigating this sea of regulations, can everyone see the forest for the trees? Are the requirements crystal clear? Were they planned for? In an effort to shed light on one aspect, we're sharing a one-page overview of the Data Governance Act. Perhaps not as widely recognised as the omnipresent GDPR, it holds significant importance for the European economy and freedoms.

Let's ensure that, in the pursuit of compliance, we don't overlook the finer details that contribute to the broader landscape of data governance. It still a bit soon to say it...but here's to a year of clarity, understanding, and thriving in the face of regulatory challenges. ūüĆź‚ú® hashtag#DataGovernance hashtag#Compliance2024 hashtag#BusinessEthics hashtag#esg hashtag#resilience hashtag#businesscontinuity hashtag#regtech hashtag#dataprotection hashtag#gdpr