“Resilient cities” and “Smart cities”


These topics are particularly contemporary, social and important as 70% of the world's population lives in cities or urbanized areas. As a matter of fact, urban policy has a major impact on people, the economy and social life. The proper organization and design of a city is of paramount importance for all!
In that context, many will have heard of the "smart city" concepts. This is about a city that offers smart technology with the aim of making life easier and more efficient. By applying this technology, the city becomes more sustainable, more efficient, cleaner, offering more fun and a real city experience. But above all it will provide a healthy living environment.

This is no longer science fiction! Some great examples of significant leading smart cities are found everywhere in the world, such as Dubai.

The smart city concepts like smart mobility, smart lighting and light comfort, smart-trash/smart waste policy, smart parking, smart buildings, smart retail and tourism and smart security. To achieve this, it needs to organize permanent data streams, city-wide Wi-Fi and ensure that no one is excluded.

The resilient city is organized to be able to avoid or minimize disruptions of any kind, be it accidents, floods, environmental hazards, … The city should be well organized to face a crisis and to be able to communicate effectively with citizens and stakeholders. Basically, city resilience uses many of the same technology as the ones used in "smart" cities, but the approach is different. City resilience offers safety to all those present in the city, and it guarantees that all this is undertaken in respect of personal rights, for example, the right to privacy, and to have personal data processed securely!

In a way… We could talk about "City Resilience".

We at RealCGR®want to step off the well-trodden paths of risk management by showing our interest and ability to operate in the context of re-invented cities (the next step of "Smart-cities) and resilient cities. Together with our partner Oracle, we will show the newest concepts using a magnificent scale-model of Dubai City at the World Expo on the 17th of November. Virtual and augmented reality and the IoT will create a next-level experience.