EU-NIS and Essential Services Providers


Many organisations, active in energy, transport, gas, supply and distribution of drinking water), banking (although with many exceptions), infrastructure and service providers for the financial market, healthcare (hospitals) and digital service providers are subject to Network Information Security legislations of the countries they operate in.

It is also possible that your organization has interactions with the provider(s) of essential services. In many cases, such an organization will demand the same level of safety from its partners and suppliers.

Why is business continuity management important in EU-NIS?

The NIS irrefutably requires Member States to ensure that providers of essential services take appropriate measures to prevent and minimize the effects of incidents that affect the security of the network and Information systems used to provide those essential services to guarantee the continuity of these services.

The goal of this guideline is of course to prevent or limit incidents. This must ensure that the continuity of the service provider is assured.

Continuity management (Business Continuity) is dealt with explicitly 14 times and has therefore become an unmistakable element in what is (from now on) legally regarded as "good security".

How RealBCP contributes.

RealBCP is a comprehensive business continuity tool (& method), when you apply it you will directly contribute to NIS compliance as well as EU-GDPR compliance.

In addition to the numerous benefits of RealBCP, we also provide:

  • 5 methodical points of contact between EU-GDPR and Business Continuity.
  • Compliance with the mandatory ISO22301documents.
  • Compliance with the ISO27001 obligations regarding the continuity of information risk management.
  • Mapping "of ISO27001/ISO22301/EU-GDPR/EU-NIS

In short, when you use RealBCP, you effectively contribute to the NIS compliance of your organization. If you have any questions, we are happy to give you answers.