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Companies worldwide have had to deal with unforeseen situations. There are many different risks, for example on an operational or technological level, that can pose a threat to an organization. This is the domain of the risk manager. But how does he or she regulate such situations and what is involved?

It is encouraging to see that most of the regulations regarding data protection and the security of essential services induce organizations to adopt two unmistakable governance principles: transparency and resilience.

ESG and related non-financial reporting tell a lot how well an organisation is managed, also it shows how much importance is shown beyond financials, to all stakeholders. Being able to adopt ESG in crisis management is a direct leverga in which RealCGR helps building awareness and compliance.

Cyber Security Awareness Month: "Cyber Security by Default" October 2021 is the European cyber security month! It is an annual campaign dedicated to promoting cybersecurity among EU citizens and organisations. One of the topics this year is "Cyber Security by Default".

These topics are particularly contemporary, social and important as 70% of the world's population lives in cities or urbanized areas. As a matter of fact, urban policy has a major impact on people, the economy and social life. The proper organization and design of a city is of paramount importance for all!
In that context, many will have heard...

Many organisations, active in energy, transport, gas, supply and distribution of drinking water), banking (although with many exceptions), infrastructure and service providers for the financial market, healthcare (hospitals) and digital service providers are subject to Network Information Security legislations of the countries they operate in.