Getting you ahead of risks

We provide technology and services helping to be sustainable, resilient and compliant.

  • Business continuity
  • Crisis communication
  • Data protection & GDPR rights
  • Information security
  • Third party cyber risk management
  • Cyber protection
  • ESG-related sustainable risk management. 

Regulatory technology as a Service

RegTech, short for Regulatory Technology refers to the use of as-a-service-technologies to streamline, embed and automate regulatory, compliance and risk management processes. Any industry can benefit from RegTech. It creates efficiency due to its automation capabilities, accuracy, real-time monitoring, scalability, cost-of-compliance-effectiveness, using structured data and enhanced analytics. RealCGR has four SaaS products in scope, with more in development aiming an integrated state-of-art risk management suite.




Getting you ahead of risks

Getting and staying ahead of risks requires proactive measures and a strategic approach. We help with preparative services like capability measurement, setting up your risk management programme, proof-of-concepts with our SaaS, certification services and much more... These building blocks help you stay ahead of potential threats and protect operations, reputation, and stakeholders.




Regulatory technology as a service

Say goodbye to complex bureaucracy and hello to unparalleled results. Experience the ease and success of our SaaS RegTech offering benefits like automation, data analytics and messaging. Streamline and improve readiness and compliance to stakeholders, regulations, laws and common frameworks like NIS2, DORA, information security and business continuity.




Consulting and advisory services 

Find your one-stop solution with expert advice that delivers unbeatable benefits. You'll get personalised guidance that caters to your unique needs, leading to smart compliance, governance and risk decisions, maximum gains, enhanced readiness and compliance.

Make your business resilient and compliant.

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